You’ve always been told that the best ceiling paint color is white. But what if we told you the fifth wall, your ceiling, can actually take a color other than traditional white? It may seem unconventional, but follow some basic rules, and you too can find the best ceiling paint color to suit your room.

With these basic rules, you can always consult painting professionals to assist you in making the right selection of paint colors that would perfectly suit you. There are many painting companies in Temple TX that will help you evaluate the things you need to consider in choosing the right paint color for you.

The colors you pick for your dining room will be different from your home office, so when remodeling, think about what you want to achieve in this room. Do you want a light, airy space that feels open and large? Or are you looking for something cozy and intimate?

The answer will help you find the best ceiling paint color for you.

White Ceilings

Traditional white can lift the height of your ceilings and walls, and give your room an open feel – especially helpful if a room is smaller than you’d like. If you’ve already picked your exact wall colors, white is a good ceiling choice as it goes with anything.

To add to the spacious feel, use white accessories against your colored walls, for brightness and light.


If you’re looking for a room to be an elegant but cozy space, then a dark-on-dark look could be the way to go. Colors affect our mood. Using browns on a ceiling, and the same color on the walls offers a warm and welcoming feel. Other options for a snug and calming effect are dark blues and greens.

You may want to avoid too much red in a room meant for relaxing, though, as it can make a room feel oppressive, and even raise your blood pressure. Clever lighting to highlight the areas where the two colors meet will draw the eye and add interest. Finally, use accessories in a contrasting color to bring life and energy to your room.

Shades of the Same Color

Two shades of the same color work well together, and it’s up to you which you use on the ceiling. For example, a darker teal ceiling with aqua walls lowers the ceiling height and makes a room feel smaller and more comfortable.

Reverse the color scheme, and a light, aqua on the ceiling lifts its height and expands your room. It’ll feel larger and more spacious, but less vast than a white ceiling would.

Pick the Best Ceiling Paint Color

While white ceilings definitely still have their place, adding a different color to your ceiling will transform the look and feel of your room. Thinking about the mood you’re trying to create, and the size of the room you’re working with will go towards helping you choose that ideal color. And don’t worry about getting it wrong. If you don’t like it, there’s a whole rainbow to pick from.