Owning a beachfront property can be a magical experience. Salty ocean breezes, gorgeous skies, and the soothing sound of the ocean playing its natural lullaby as you fall asleep every night. There is something deeply soothing about the beach, and communities by the beach have a vibe that entices you to put on some flip-flops and relax all day.

Every beachfront property has a way of showcasing a style that says, “there is no stress on these shores.” I’ve come to learn that beach house colors are one the easiest and most eye-catching ways to add your style while giving homage to the salty breezes. Let’s go over to this article to understand more the importance of investing in the best paint colors for your property and the benefits you’ll enjoy in the long run!

Coastal Colors for your Home Exterior

Home exteriors are perfect for giving guests a taste of what lies within the interior of a home. Home exteriors, when done well, have the ability to improve curb appeal while increasing property value. If you live near a coastal area, then you know that property values increase by the beach. Many homebuyers crave a home that feels like a vacation spot– no stress, rest all day, and high-end exclusivity.

Adding beach house colors to your exterior will naturally attract various buyers who are intentionally moving closer to the beach. If you don’t live directly on the beach, you can still add coastal colors/decor to your home, which screams, “comfort is here, and the beach is close by!”

Homeowners have been able to add various shades and characters to their homes to give off a “beachy vibe,” which has translated into more interested buyers! Here are some of my favorite beach house colors!

1. Light Blue & Salmon

This first home brings a gorgeous light blue tone to its exterior that mimics the sky and gives an overall light and airy look to the property. The white shutters and white railings complement the house’s light tones while being easy on the eyes. The pastel salmon-colored door adds a pop of color that really brings this home together as a cohesive unit.

2. Light Grey and Light Blue

It is hard to deny that this beach house is absolutely jaw-dropping. The two-toned beach house colors, seahorse decor, and gorgeous pool make this a seaside property found only in dreams! Both the grey tones and light blue colors complement one another without being too overpowering on the eyes.

3. Light Yellow and Light Blue

Some beach houses scream summer, and this beachfront property is one of them! Some people find yellow to be a pretty extreme pop of color, but on the beach with white sands and blue horizons, yellow can be the perfect way to stand out as the #1 place to relax!

If you want to incorporate beach house colors that grab people’s attention, then go with this style and color!

4. Sand & Teal

Everything about this house is perfect! I feel like I am walking into a house owned by the human-form Ariel from the “Little Mermaid.” The light blue tones of the door, stairway, and interior accents are like crystal clear ocean waters.

Then, the tan exterior siding behind the gorgeous palm trees is like an invitation to run onto picturesque beach sands. Beach house colors can be creative and fun, and this home does a perfect job of bringing creativity with its immaculate coastal flair! If you have a home with a neutral existing color, you can still add a touch of the beach by using an accent color to create a splash of vibrance to your home!

There are so many popular beach house colors that it is hard to decide which one to pick. However, one of the easiest ways to pick exterior paint for your beach house is to walk along the shore! First, take a look at the houses in your area and note which ones you love the most and why. Then, if you have a relationship with your neighbor, ask them what company painted their home exterior.

Houses on the beach experience daily salty breezes, wet climates, and constant sun. So, while exterior paint is made to handle tough climates— quality does matter here.