You’re getting your home ready to put on the market. You and your realtor walk around your home and try to see it from a potential buyer’s perspective. Like many sellers, you may need to replace a couple of dead light bulbs or reduce some clutter, but as you step outside to look at the house with buyers in mind, your realtor points out that your house could definitely use a fresh coat of paint if you’re wanting to get top dollar. 

Can exterior paint really have an effect on the home value? Absolutely! Your goal is to maximize the value of your home. It’s why you should repaint both the inside and outside of your home. These two high-ROI projects can make a big difference in your home’s value and overall curb appeal. You can always give a fresh new look not just with your home but to your commercial buildings where you wanted to sell. Painters Temple TX and other painting contractors are always on the line of giving you the assurance that you’ll achieve the look and the curb appeal you would want to have to boost up the value of your property.

Furthermore, here are the ways that investing in exterior painting can help you get more traffic and potential offers.


If you’ve ever searched for a home to buy, you’ve likely experienced finding a home that you liked, but it still had those asterisks, you know, those things you’d need to fix or do later on. Perhaps, these flaws were enough to dissuade you from buying the house, or perhaps you made a lower offer as a result. The same could happen with your house. Even little things can scare away buyers from making an offer on your house or reduce the price they make in the offer. When you address the exterior paint, you cut a big-ticket item from your buyers’ potential list of doubts and motivate the buyer to give you a higher or more reasonable offer.


There’s a reason why realtors talk a lot about curb appeal. It’s important to buyers! You want your house to stand out in the best possible way from other listings, and painting your home’s exteriors is a great way to do that. Whether you have brick, stucco, or wood surfaces, a well-chosen, well-executed paint job can make your house attractive to buyers.


Overall, some interior changes to a house tend to be simpler and more affordable than exterior changes. By taking care of the exterior painting before listing the house, you are making it clear to the buyer that your house already has great potential from the moment they pull up to the house, even if there might be some interior updates that still need to be done.

In a 2019 survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 66% of real estate professionals agreed that exterior paint is essential to a home’s curb appeal, and is a project that homeowners should complete prior to listing.

Exterior paint can say a lot about your home at first glance—even if you skip having your home painted prior to listing. Peeling paint along the stem wall, faded paint on walls, or chipped stucco may send the message that the property hasn’t been that well-maintained. You may be inadvertently influencing what the buyer thinks about the home before they even get to the front door.

Remember, in today’s day-and-age, “curb appeal” is more than just what your house looks like from the street. It’s critical that your home makes a positive first impression online, too.

For a prospective buyer swiping past dozens of listings in a minute, the exterior of your home may only have seconds to make the case that they should click on the listing and learn more about your property.

That’s the true difference-maker that curb appeal makes. More online views means more in-person visits, which means more competitive offers.


Compared to some other updates you could make to your house, exterior painting can be one of the most affordable ways to show off the beautiful features of your home. This simple home improvement method costs significantly less than many other projects but can increase your home’s curb appeal, a vital part of appealing to more home buyers.

In the end, although you may not know exactly how much value exterior painting adds to the value of your home, you’re more likely to see interested buyers, which is always good for your bottom line. It’s worth the small investment now to sell your home later.