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You’re here for one reason.

Something isn’t sitting right with you when it comes to the surfaces you’re surrounded with every day. The very walls you live inside of, perhaps?

The kitchen, the bathroom, that dredded, drabby, dark, dungeon of a den…

You’re obviously looking for painters that are not only affordable, but simply do what they say they are going to do. Because hey, Buck-o — at the end of the day, all you really want is to be able to trust the contractors and crew of the company you decided to repaint your house.

Well, if one thing is for sure, it’s that you can trust us. Two honest guys just trying to take care of our families and have a positive impact on the community we call home. We’re much more than great house painters.

Maybe you’ve got a commercial office building, warehouse, fence, shed, shipping container — your uncle Joe’s old, dilapidated kitchen cabinets.

Whether residential or commercial, interior or exterior: we can do it.

As long as the surface can be prepared to accept primer and paint, and our application can be expected to last for a reasonable lifespan, we can work on just about anything. In fact, we probably have.

Seasoned pros. Experts in our field. We’ve been serving Bell County – more specifically the Temple area for a long time now.

Since you’re in need of a professional, and we’ve clearly won you over by now, just pick up the phone and make the call already.

Clean lines, no mess.

Let’s talk about what you need.

Ahh the feeling of a nice, freshly painted home. Nothing better. A beautifully colored house can make you feel great and enhance your life by building happiness around the place you spend the majority of your life. Painting is about much more than color. You must consider environmental factors like sunlight, rain, dust, insects, and other elements that may effect the finish or texture of the surface.

Temple Painting Company

A good business doesn’t only make your home aesthetically pleasing to look at, it also attracts everyone’s attention towards your character and personality. Also, coating your home with a combination of striking colors is a very important aspect from a maintenance point of view. The real, market value of your home or commercial property is largely determined by curb appeal. How nice does it look aesthetically? But more importantly, how does it compare to the surrounding homes in terms of beauty and overall style.

House Painters – Homes, Condos, Apartments, Townhouses

There are dozens of different services in town. And if you are struggling to find the best in business, you are about to find one here. Locally owned and operated, we are proudly among the best interior as well as exterior painting service providers locally. You will find our work amazing, because “We love what we do. We paint almost everything. Everything except the horizons!

Why choose us instead of “those other guys”?

This is a good question. But a simple one. Those other guys… they just aren’t us. And we are awesome. And we know we’re awesome. Don’t you want someone who is confident in themselves and who they are to be the one who evenly spreads a thin, thick, or perfectly average coat of satin, eggshell white paint on the crown moulding you just had put in?

Let’s use color and skill to make your dream visions for your walls a reality. We’ll find that modern, or farmhouse-y, or rustic, or classic style that you have, and then present you with options to choose from that fall within your preferences.

Did we just become best friends?

We truly have found that simply putting our energy into other people is powerful beyond measure. We strive to always convey to you that we really do care about you, your family, and the home you live in. We know that the drywall around you has a much different impact on you if it’s lighter, darker… more reflective, or light absorbing.

As you can tell, we’re fun-loving guys who kid around, but we take our profession seriously. Becoming recognized as the top professionals in Temple has been no small feat for us. We’ve coated thousands upon thousands of square feet of walls, rooms, ceilings, fence boards, sheds, garages, man caves, buildings, schools… you name it, we’ve probably slapped some paint on it. But with the deft technique and style of Bob Ross. Ok – nobody is as talented as that gentleman there. Nobody.

Stucco, wood siding, drywall, metal… we can work over most surfaces. Call us today and let’s talk about yours.

roAffordable painting services in Temple

As contractors who learned before the days of DIY exploded, we just had to fly by the seat of our pants for a while. Kids leaning to paint like the best of ’em. At first we were Jackson Pollack, covering everything we could get our hands on with a zest and fervor for life! But as new projects fame along that require precision, neutral colors, and clean lines, we quickly became more like Piet Mondrian, the famous Dutch painter known for his more simplistic approach to art.

Interior of your Home or Office

A few decades of painting interior walls teaches you a thing or two about a job well done. You’re looking for results, and we want to deliver. Give your home that x-factor — let our artisans do what they do best. We’re interior professionals that know how to get crisp, clean lines — every time.

We can help you in expressing your love for color, class and sophistication through a fluid, and collective interior. We can paint your accent wall, and even interiors with single color! We can also make it colorful with different colors on different walls, or highlighting the trim, if you’ve got a special crown moulding. We will leave you amazed once we showcase our interior painting skills on the walls of your bedrooms, kitchens, drawing rooms, ceilings or even halls. We can choose a style that accents and highlights your current wood furniture or other pieces of art. So, sit back, relax, choose your favorite color, and contact us without overthinking about budget to witness the magical results we can create through our passion and creativity.

Exterior of your House, Barn, or Commercial Building

Through our skill and eye for detail, we can help you giving your home that much-needed external allure. People will surely be in awe of your choice for color, and your excellent taste in exterior contractors. If pressure washing is needed first, to make sure the surface is ready for exterior painting, we will let you know.

Whether you want to increase the external beauty of your home, or with that, even if you want to increase the resale value of your home, we can help you in both. We won’t leave your home before leaving a long-lasting impact, and helping you feel proud of your place with our quality work! So, give us a chance to glamorize your home with adept exterior painting efforts.

Residential Painting Company in Temple TX
House Repainting Service in Temple Texas

Interior and Exterior Paint Specialists

  • We strongly believe in the words from the famous American abstract expressionist painter Helen Frankenthaler – “Every canvas is a journey all its own.

We are the top-rated local professionals, and we always give priority in helping our customers with a completely unique experience. Whether we talk about the quality of materials, quality of the equipment, or even the professional approach towards working on different peripheries, or any other information, we are always determined to give every customer multiple reasons to hire our professionals again and again. Here are some obvious reasons, why you should feel free to discuss in detail about your next project.

Passionate Professionals

We have a professional team of artists and painters who have the reputation of converting an ordinary surface into an amazingly attractive canvas. Our team is excelled in covering plain as well as textured walls. So, whether you are residing in the city or in other neighboring areas, simply give us a chance to give your home a classy coloring. We don’t charge for aesthetic advice! Both are free of cost! It’s only a matter if time! An appointment with our team will be a big step towards making your rooms, walls, furniture, wood structures, doors, and cabinets, trim beautiful again! How about checking out some photos of our previous work?

In addition to giving your home a new and fresh look, our professionals can also do an excellent job to properly estimate the overall charges and the required time to complete your project even before planning the prep work. So, always feel free to be in touch for a detailed and thorough discussion for leaving your place gorgeously!

Paint for Different Types of Surfaces and Structures

  • Yes! We work on almost every type of housing structure and surface. But hey – please don’t ask us to complete your kid’s school project! No matter what type of home or structure you need painted, call us and we can help.
  • In addition to interior, exterior, and residential painting, we also paint hardy board siding, wood siding, brick, stucco, ceiling, over interior drywall, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, and more.

We never compromise on quality.

Quality is always our preference, and we don’t necessarily promise for “low price range” projects. Because, we believe, it worth to invest a bit smartly instead of compromising on the quality in the name of “low-price” service.

We prioritize our customer’s needs.

Our painting company is blessed with a bunch of professionals that only prioritize the demand from our esteemed customers. While we schedule to provide our service for your outside fences, windows, exteriors, and surfaces, you can roam around to explore different attractive neighbors in the region!

Residential Painting Contractor in Temple

Leave your painting project to us and go have some fun!

In addition to Temple TX being one of the more unique communities, it’s also the second largest city in the Bell County, and is home to some wonderful places like Miller Springs Nature Center, West Community Park, Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum, Lions Park, Lions Junction Family Water Park, Sammons Golf Course, Czech Heritage Museum and Genealogy Center, Cedar Creek Wildlife Management Area, and more. Good times are to be had anywhere here, and there is something for people of all ages.

We love our local community and hope you do as well.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to revive your walls, trim, cabinets, and other surfaces with proper, professional painting — contact Temple Painting Company today to bring some design and style ideas to your home or commercial property. We’ll give you a free quote, and show you multiple color options and finishes, until we find the one that jives with whoever you are.

Let us freshen your place up with a couple coats of our premium pigment.

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

Based on 12 reviews
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith
I cannot say anything but positive things about Temple Painting Company’s team. They painted the walls in my kitchen, and did amazing! The price they charged me was pretty affordable considering some other quotes I got from different companies. They were professional and meticulous, very careful with my floors, and paid really good attention to the details. I will definitely call them again for future painting projects.
Carolyn Ryan
Carolyn Ryan
Highly recommend their services! Their whole team was great to work with, professional & personable. The painters did an amazing job, everything was nice and neat. I hired them to paint 3 rooms, and I couldn't be happier with the results, so pretty! If I have more painting needs in the future, I will hire Temple Painting Company again.
Clyde Sanchez
Clyde Sanchez
Temple Painting Company’s guys were extremely professional throughout my whole experience with them. They’re communicative, efficient, and very helpful. Also, their prices are excellent compared to other contractors. They went above and beyond to make sure the job was done correctly. We recommend them highly, amazing company!
Elisa Rivera
Elisa Rivera
I just bought a new home and I hired Temple Painting Company to do almost the entire interior painting. They did an awesome job and the new walls look great! These guys take pride in the job they do, are very courteous, and care about their customer’s needs. I would use them again!
Florence Thompson
Florence Thompson
I had two bedrooms that needed new painting, so I decided to hire Temple Painting Company to complete the task. Everything was done exactly as I wanted, in the time frame we had previously estimated, which was amazing! I loved the new color. Highly recommend their services.
Vanessa Tucker
Vanessa Tucker
We recommend Temple Painting Company for any of your painting needs. Their staff was super professional all the time, even from our first contact. They did an incredible job overall, and my house looks a million times better!
Opal Watts
Opal Watts
Temple Painting Company just wrapped up an exterior renovation project for us and added some stucco to our house. It looks so so beautiful I can't even believe it. They worked well with the other contractors we had on site wrapping some things both inside and out. They did a very nice job of cleaning up the work site when they finished and we've already had a few neighbors stop by to tell us how lovely the house looks with the new finish. It really brightened things up and I am just over the moon pleased with the quality of work they did on our home.
Jewel Rice
Jewel Rice
Very skilled painters that make the biggest job look easy. They have done a few jobs for me and each time go above and beyond to do great work, clean work, and at great prices. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing interior or exterior residential home painting done.
Dorothy Peterson
Dorothy Peterson
We were looking around for professional house painters, and got to know about these guys. They are simply awesome. Really friendly.
Pickering Francesca
Pickering Francesca
I loved these painters! They painted our kitchen. I liked them so much I had them paint the rest of the house too. They were quiet, hard-working, perfectionists, left the place spotless, and the work was beautiful—all at a very reasonable price.

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So, get rid of all the headaches, text or email your address for more information! One of our experts will visit your area in person, and will take care of every type of prep work including selection and variety of color and other items, price estimates, required materials, and other details. You will get more than enough time to schedule your visit to these beautiful places with your family and friends! And yeah, don’t say that you’ve already visited all of these places. Unlike you, nature remains young and attractive, always! Otherwise, you can also request your preferred hours to fix a schedule and get started in the best possible way! Neverthless, call the best painting company around whenever you want! We have completed several residential and commercial projects with excellent reviews and testimonials! And, why can’t you be the next?

What areas do we service?

We also proudly serve the Downtown/Historic District, West, East, and Midway. We pretty much cover the Temple area and any surrounding cities.